UMGELENKT at Kurzfilmklub-Abend/ KFK&iJuLa, cologne
08.10.2022, 19h

screenshowing and Q&A

solo performance at La Corrupta Festival 2022, cologne
09.07.22, 19h

UMGELENKT at KOP.12 “The city is clearly visible from here”, essen
21.05. – 07.08.2022
fr, sa, sun 12-8pm

infos at

UMGELENKT (2021,4‘1 ́ ́), will be exhibited in STROMA
23.04. – 21.05.2022, daily 16-21h

infos at

collaborative video work
by annika schönfeldt & laura schönlau

residence 18.04.- 24.04.2022 supported by the Tanzresidenz 2022 Quatier am Hafen

studio showing
24.04.2022, 18h

you’re welcome to join the event!

work in progress showing MELONADE POTATOE becomes dedicated to bias

06.03.2022, 16h

Fundraising Performance evening, Tanz Faktur, Cologne

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