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Corporality // 
femininity //
Raumkörper //
‘Die Kunst liegt darin, ihre Elemente 
zu vereinen’

hey, I’m Laura Schönlau (*1994) dancer and choreographer based in Cologne, Germany. i studied Dance and Choreography at the Fontys Academy of Fine and Performing Arts in Tilburg, NL and graduated in September 2020. since then I am working as a freelance artist in various artistic projects with artists/ choreographers in nrw, Germany and beyond. I have been working in a collective with photographer Annika Schönfeldt since 2021, and the video work UMGELENKT has been part of various exhibitions and festivals. I also danced in GUT SYMMETRIES by Canadian choreographer Laura Hicks, as well as in the piece SINP’A by the dance collective .Dencuentro . Currently I undertake the dance coordination at the Tanz-Arbeit, as part of the socio-cultural space Kunsthaus Mitte in Oberhausen.

my own work and goals as a performer are formed in the thematic as well as physical examination of corporality, femininity and spatial concepts or architectural constellations. I seek urgencies and confrontations that are linked to social and cultural discourses and result in a physical and interdisciplinary artwork. A field of tension arises between tangible form, somatic research, and perceptive level.

Apart from my work as dancer, am in the process of studying Art History and Cultural Media studies at the University of Cologne.

artistic education:


b.a. dance-choreography, fontys hogeschool voor de kunsten, tilburg, nl

musical education: fipple flute & alto saxophone, musikschule bad oeynhausen, d



2020-until now
b.a. art history – media cultural studies, universität zu köln, d



Stipendium des Ministeriums für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes Nordrhein- Westfalen

Stipendienprogramm der GVL-Gesellschaft zur Verwertung von Leistungsschutzrechten, NEUSTART KULTUR und durch die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien



UMGELENKT at KFK(kurzfilmklub) “In Bewegung”, screenshowing – q&a,
iJula raum, cologne

solo DEDICATED TO BIAS 2.0 at La Corrupta Festival 2022 /09.07.2022/ cologne

videoinstallation UMGELENKT in collabo with annika schönfeldt,
“The city is clearly visible from here” – KOP.12, essen

videoinstallation UMGELENKT in collabo with annika schönfeldt, STROMA, cologne

solo DEDICATED TO BIAS at MAKE ART NOT WAR /06.03.2022/ TanzFaktur, cologne

Auftakt Festival für szenische Texte 2021, alte feuerwache, cologne



tanzresidenz quatier am hafen, cologne

circus dance festival – herbstresidenz with maria madeira, cologne

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